For 7th generation, our philosophy has been the same, working for the best. That  means we drive the vineyard and the enterprise sustainably and to make sure that each bottle will be the best one.
This is global philosophy : from the very beginning, we think quality first, when choosing our clones for planting. Then, every action we undertake, every choice we make, strives for quality and respect of our vineyard and our environment.

We cultivate 5.5 hectares, 70 % in Pinot Noir and 30 % in Chardonnay. The average age of our vineyard is 35 years. Our vineyard is divided in 18 plots, all scattered all over Bouzy terroir. The smallest plots are only 0.03 hectares. Up the hill, near the wood, we have the “Nonicart” and the “Crans”. At mid-hill, at the very heart of Bouzy terroir, we have 10 plots, with different sun expositions (“Grelons”, “Petits Bois”, “Chantrennes”, Cercets” etc) . Down hill, we have our larger plots (“Les Muits” and “Les Monts des Tours”). This repartition of our vineyard is an asset : we enjoy all the specificities of the terroir, we benefit from all the soil compositions and sun expositions.

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